Homicide Detective Marion Paul, on a quest to discover why his brother drank himself to death, steps into an obscene world of witchery and Satanism that plagues Small Town America, where the demon woman, Terra Drake, orchestrates the murders of its citizens and the enslavement of their children. The trail of blood and death traces back to Biblical times, and her hand has touched the most notorious of serial murderers throughout history. Marion, having seen the worst of human nature, rushes headlong into her cult of witches and werewolves against which he has no defense, not by gun, knife, or fists, a nightmarish battle that tests his sanity and entraps his family. Should he lose this cat-and-mouse trial of wits and courage, everyone he loves will surely die.
Stephen Paul is a raging alcoholic whose addiction suddenly manifests itself, one cold Utah night, in the form of a beautiful woman. Terra Drake, at first, seems warm and inviting, but she soon shows him the horrors she’d beset upon his small town, the murder of his next-door neighbor, the bewitching of his hairstylists, the freakshow the county fair had become, and the damnation of his priest in the new Church of Flies. She’s in cahoots with another demon, the Hooded Darkness, who stalks him at every turn, and the more he drinks, the more horror he sees and the more he blames them for the misery that has befallen small-town America. As his warnings to citizens and friends go unheeded, he strikes out on his own to defeat this ultimate evil, to save the world before hell itself comes calling.
Infernal Ink Magazine is a literary magazine with a focus on publishing extremely dark and violent adult fiction and poetry. In this, our final issue, we have our interview with former editor of Grue Magazine and current High Priestess of the Church of Satan, Peggy Nadramia. She discusses with us her experiences with indie publishing, the Satanic Panic, and a little bit about what it means to be a woman in both worlds. In the “The Author Bordello” we have a special parting gift from Hydra M. Star, who has never before included her own fiction in the magazine but breaks with that tradition for this final issue of Infernal Ink Magazine. In addition to this we have fiction and poetry from John Grey, Rohini Mori, Diane Callahan, J.R. Pfeiffer, Robert J. Leuthold, Dean Patrick, Ashley Dioses, Chris Daruns, Viktor Wolfe, Kurt Dysan, Scott J. Couturier, Aivien Whitfield, Nitasia Roland, and Anthony Anderson.
What if the walls could talk? What if that summer job wasn’t what you thought? Ever been face to face with a wendigo? Have you danced with a ghost? Would you like to step into the shoes of a raven mocker? What if you weren’t who you thought you were? All these things explored by the fireside in this book-container of darkness and horror.
Comprising Volumes 4 to 6 of the bestselling “MONSTERS” horror anthology series, the WHAT MONSTERS DO FOR LOVE trilogy spans over one hundred stories by an international team of bestselling, award-winning, and visionary authors, offering a treasure trove unforgettable tales about monsters (of both the human and inhuman varieties) that range from the deceptively whimsical to the heartbreakingly terrifying, and everything in between. Now lock your doors, turn on your lights, and grab your cat for comfort’s sake. It’s time to learn why love is the scariest thing on earth.
Infernal Ink Magazine is a literary magazine with a focus on publishing extremely dark and violent adult fiction and poetry. Consider your triggers warned. In this issue we have our interview with Darren Deicide and Ethel Lynn Oxide of Wedding Funeral a very fun and miserable musical experience. In the “The Author Bordello” we have Infernal Ink Magazine regular Robert J. Leuthold returning to talk with us about what helps drive him to create the twisted and sexual work he does. In addition to this we have fiction and poetry from Lee Clark Zumpe, Matt Bender, Lauren Hippenstiel, Victor Rodriguez, Robert J. Leuthold, Daniel Stride, Neil Krolicki, Ken Goldman, Dean Patrick, Hugh Blackthorne, Cookie Lawless, and J.B. Toner.
Comprising the first three volumes of the bestselling MONSTERS horror anthology series, THE MONSTERS WE FORGOT trilogy is a chilling collection of over 100 folklore-inspired horror stories by an international team of authors ranging from award-winners and bestsellers to visionary newcomers. These stories draw inspiration from the folklore traditions of countries including Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Ireland, Wales, England, Norway, Nigeria, Greece, Poland, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States, the tales in this three-part collection range from original folktales and chilling myths to information-age monsters and modern urban legends, and everything in between. Turn on the lights, check the locks, and settle in. You’re about to remember THE MONSTERS WE FORGOT.