Jaques Montreal Noi

Chilling read. A true horror novel from start to finish.

The author’s ability to capture the madness of addiction is both brilliant and terrifying as the lead character becomes obsessed with the vixen Terra Drake, an unforgettable antagonist. An excellent horror read and page turner with moments of sheer terror that grabs you by the throat and won’t let go till the chilling conclusion which leaves you wanting more. Highly recommended for fans of things that bite and go bump in the night!
Christopher Robbins Kennedy II

Great horror novel.

This is one of the few horror novels I’ve read. It was intense and eerie! Can’t wait for the sequel!

This writer eats HELLFIRE for breakfast!

This story is one jaw-dropping crazy read. Its visceral sexuality oozes off the pages into your lap, its revolting vileness sears images into your brain, the story is riveting. I read it with fever-pitch tension in one sitting. To top it off, it’s well written, and like a canon classic there is a haunting moral. I promise you this – it is unique! I highly recommend The Lady Mephistopheles.
Douglas R. Gibson

A fascinating dark horror tale, one man’s struggle to defeat evil.

This is an interesting read about man who encounters a beautiful woman. Not surprisingly, he’s attracted to her. But he soon discovers she is leaving a hellish path of destruction where she goes, killing people, possessing others, corrupting both a church and a town. The man, an alcoholic, realizes she’s dragging him down to destruction, almost effortlessly, using his temptations and addictions as a tool. He only has periodic escapes from the ordeal, granted by her temporary absence. He eventually realizes the “Lady Mephistopheles” is not alone; there’s another demon stalking him, trying to destroy the world as he knows it. He takes his tired, physically and emotionally ravaged self, and tries to fight back. This a compelling read, with elegant, masterfully descriptive prose. It blends the horrors of the world with supernatural terror.
Lynwood Griffin Davis

If you pass Terra Drake on the street… keep walking on.

Steven Paul seems like a nice person with a good job and pleasant home but like an onion we start peeling back the layers and eventually find something rotten at the core. He meets a strange but enticing and enthralling woman named Terra Drake and from there it is all down hill. Steven a recovering alcoholic is encouraged to start drinking again which he does with a fury. He does not know should he hate Terra or love her. No matter he is on the road to the unknown with Terra as his fearful guide. She shows him acts of cruelty and depravity and like a horrorific car accident he is mesmerized as his descent into an alcoholic abyss continues. He sees friends, acquaintances and complete strangers drawn into Terra’s widening web as he himself gets caught in it. There are opportunities to escape but his drinking keeps him well bounded. This is horror and evil at its best. Mr. Patrick is a masterful storyteller and wordsmith. His prose keeps you riveted to the page. You cannot put Lady Mephistopheles down anxious to know what is doing to happen next. He leads you into a continuing crescendo of horror and evil. Each one worse than the one preceding it. The Church of Flies towards the end reaches in your chest and pulls your still beating heart out such is it power. Warning. This novel is not for the feint of heart. But if you want an experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat. A relentless pounding that shakes your soul. Then you have found it here. Buckle up and hold on tightly and keep the lights on. Horror has a new name added to its rank and his name is Dean Patrick. I give this my highest recommendation. Well done.
Douglas R. Gibson

Terra’s Sabbath sets up Dean Patrick’s trilogy for an eagerly anticipated final.

I previously reviewed author Dean Patrick’s novel, “The Lady Mephistopheles.” It introduced Terra Drake, a beautiful demon for the 21st Century. The protagonist — her prey — Steve Paul fought a valiant but doomed effort againts her, hampered by personal, destructive vices that Terra Drake exploited. The sequel — part 2 of a planned trilogy — has been released, and “Terra’s Sabbath” is a superb dark horror literary work. Terra’s main opponent in this novel is cop/detective Marion Paul, and yes, he’s Steve’s brother. Marion Paul is a tougher adversary for Terra, but what he encounters in battling demons more than once has him struggling to retain his sanity. The opening passages in the novel provide a bizarre frightening, very descriptive ritual that includes a child sacrifice. Readers learn more background on Terra Drake, her past, her original name, and exactly why she is in the 21st century gathering followers. She and her allies destroy both souls and contemporary civilization.
Christopher Robbins Kennedy II

Great ending.

I am loving this series so far. This book had a particularly good ending, and I can’t wait for the third!