Demons and witches and ghouls

Our beloved All Hallow’s Eve Weekend (2022) has now arrived

Now is the time to immerse in what scares you most. Demons and witches and ghouls oh my!

A friend of mine recently has asked me to help him edit and craft a story about a demon. A long time editor and writer himself, he’s new to the horror genre as a writer and asked me how to best make such characters scary and disturbing, not just gory.

There’s a big difference. It’s easy to spot when watching it on film, or reading it in horror literature, but writing it can be tricky. One of the key elements I told him to focus on is having the demonic character expose its victim’s weaknesses. Such a character will rip into what it knows will terrify its victim most. And keep on ripping.

The character I created in The Lady Mephistopheles, Terra Drake, a demonic woman of great power, lives for one thing: to expose her victim’s deepest fears, and when exposed, relentlessly destroy. There is no holding back, no regard for any consequence.

For the horror lover, nothing is more enjoyable. As I am now deep into the sequel to that novel, I’m now creating scenes of demons and witches who are dancing around in the shadows of coma dreams and hospital hallways; the loneliness of gas stations; where small town corn mazes turn into glass tunnels where demon children nip at your heels… Where witches await. Where ghouls are let loose. Where demons roam free. All part of Terra Drake’s new gang of thugs and mayhem.

Let the horror rein free dear readers and friends! Happy Halloween 2022.


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